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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Custom Illustration | Vector Illustration Arizona, Phoenix, Mesa, Valley Wide

(Custom Vector Illustration in Arizona)

Sometimes in marketing and advertising it is almost impossible to get the photo that really captures your message, and sometimes when you try... the photography budget can spiral out of control. In many of these cases, a custom rendering or illustration of your products and/or services is the perfect solution. We recently designed and completed printing brochures and post cards for a local lighting company that used illustration perfectly.

The modern vector illustration was handled through Tactix Creative Design in Mesa Arizona. They were able to capture the "modern" feel that the client was looking for and showcase several lighting fixtures in one illustration. The "fun" part of this illustration was the personality and sex-appeal that they were able to create between the subjects in the illustration. Be careful when you look at it too close.. you'll want to go out and buy some new light fixtures if  you're not careful :)

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