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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Custom Printed Banners | Banner Design Arizona, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Valley Wide

Tower Media Group just delivered a digital color banner to GSC Therapy for their open house event this weekend at their Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek location. Whether you need a sign for your Arizona business or a temporary banner, we can both design and produce these signage products for your company.

Outdoor banners have many benefits in creating visibility and revenue for your company. They are portable, highly visible, less expensive than other means of advertising and just as effective in getting your message seen.

Vinyl banners can be placed at most any location where your prospects tend to congregate or pass by. The banners can do the initial selling by creating awareness and interest, and can cause the customer to come visit your establishment.

Full color banners are more visible than other means of advertising. Few messages can compete with large outdoor banners in their visibility. Newspaper ads can be easily crowded out by the numerous other ads if the paper is purchase at all. TV ads cost a fortune for each minute they are visible. Radio ads use only a voice, which is far less effective than sight. Large graphic banners also reach potential customers who might never get the time to sit in front of their computers and see your on-line ads. Outdoor ads are also less expensive than sending out salespeople to personally contact future clients residing at different areas.

Outdoor banners can reach every person passing by. They are particularly important when your product or service is useful to many different groups of people. Reaching these different groups through various means of media can be pretty expensive otherwise. This is a reasonable inexpensive way of reaching a large amount of people at once.

Outdoor Vinyl Banners are thus high visibility messages that can reach a wide group of people at economic costs.

We also create custom designs for vehicle graphics in either pieced designs or full graphic wraps. When you look good... we look good!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Custom Illustration | Vector Illustration Arizona, Phoenix, Mesa, Valley Wide

(Custom Vector Illustration in Arizona)

Sometimes in marketing and advertising it is almost impossible to get the photo that really captures your message, and sometimes when you try... the photography budget can spiral out of control. In many of these cases, a custom rendering or illustration of your products and/or services is the perfect solution. We recently designed and completed printing brochures and post cards for a local lighting company that used illustration perfectly.

The modern vector illustration was handled through Tactix Creative Design in Mesa Arizona. They were able to capture the "modern" feel that the client was looking for and showcase several lighting fixtures in one illustration. The "fun" part of this illustration was the personality and sex-appeal that they were able to create between the subjects in the illustration. Be careful when you look at it too close.. you'll want to go out and buy some new light fixtures if  you're not careful :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Logo on Golfballs | Promotional Items for Golf Events Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler AZ

Tower Media Group just finished imprinting logos on golfballs for a local Arizona Golf Tournament. One of our favorite clients, RainForest Plumbing handed out various branded promotional items including these golf balls with their logo printed on them. They turned out great!

We can print your logo on just about any marketing item you can think of. Start building a better brand now with all sorts of branded advertising specialty items in Arizona. Contact us here - or visit our online promotional items mall here.

Some of our most popular promo products in Arizona are:

Custom Printed Post-it Sticky Notes | Logo Pens | Custom Printed Folders | Branded Note Pads | Refrigerator Business Card Magnets & Logo Design

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